When I started working on scala I had a tough time understanding how exception handling works in scala. I had some background in java and javascript and I had exclusively worked with imperative codebases till that time.
When I look back I think my understanding about exception handling in scala came…

Recently I faced below error in my play application. My play application was trying to hit a server over https.

{"errors":[{"code":"General SSLEngine problem","message":"java.net.ConnectException: General SSLEngine problem\n\tat org.asynchttpclient.netty.channel.NettyConnectListener.onFailure(NettyConnectListener.java:162)\n\tat org.asynchttpclient.netty.channel.NettyConnectListener$1.onFailure

This exception occurred because the keystore used by play application did not have server’s certificate loaded.
The server’s certificate in keystore tells…

Ashwini Anand

Software Engineer.

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